PVSquared Cooperative

PVSquared, a Certified B Corporation based in Western Massachusetts, is a worker-owned cooporative that provides solar panel solutions to businesses and residents. They came to us with a few specific needs. They wanted the Solar Assessment form to have the ability to let users to drop a pin on a Google map so that they could more accurately provide location information to PVSquared. This critical piece of information allows PVSquared to more accurately and efficiently determine whether solar is the right solution. Additionally, PVSquared needed to move hosting and required some upgrades as well. Unfortunately their existing site had a much older version of WordPress and many plugins were out of date. The site is now updated and more secure without loss of functionality. PVSquared also required some SEO love. We set them up with Webmaster Tools, installed and configured the popular WordPress SEO plugin and provided information to PVSquared about best practices specific to their needs. We set them up with goals to help assess the performance of their solar assessment form and made a few additional suggestions based on what we saw in Google Analytics, providing them with a dashboard to monitor some key indicators as well.