We absolutely LOVE our clients. And we are SO lucky that they love us back! Here are some nice things they’ve said about us.

Our investment firm had very specific goals for our website re-build and needed a collaborative, creative and deadline-oriented partner in order to reach them.  That is exactly what we got with Rachel. We couldn’t be happier with our new site.

Randy Rice Corporate Communications August 19, 2014

To describe Rachel in one word would have to be "caregiver" - she makes sure our website is in great shape, from plugin upgrades to design edits. A lifeline that I've called on several occasions, she brings me peace of mind and a sense of a true partnership. Rachel is also a delight to work with, just the kind of person with whom I like to do business. I plan to work with her for the long-term.

Tess O'Brien CEO, CleanPowerPerks July 23, 2014

We've been working with Rachel and Clare for over a year now. They redesigned our website in WordPress and we're so happy with the outcome. The feedback we've received after we went live with the site was overwhelmingly positive. Rachel and Clare are knowledgeable, professional and highly responsive. We love working with them. One of the best experiences we've had with any vendor so far.

Svetlana Ladan National Consumer Law Center, Student Loan Borrowers Assistance July 7, 2014

The Green Bee Web Consulting developers are the colleagues with whom you wish you shared an office. And we might as well have been in the same building: Clare responds to requests quickly and expertly. When redesigning the website for the Journalism & Women Symposium (jaws.org), Clare took the time to get to know our organization and its mission. She took the time to get to know me, incoming president. More than her availability (always there), her organizational skills (impeccable), her design acumen (spot on) and her technical expertise (profound; and if she didn't know the answer, she'd learn), it was Clare's patience that truly made the experience remarkable. Clare was gracious with the time she spent teaching and troubleshooting. When anyone from our organization reached out to her, she responded with the same grace and expertise. When we reached out to her with countless other digital crises, Clare stepped up to help. The Green Bee team is professional and skilled and has the personal touch. Everything you'd want in a vendor, an employee, a colleague, a boss. I look forward to a long relationship with this excellent firm.

Lauren Whaley President, Journalism & Women's Symposium July 7, 2014

You are a magical wizard of technology.

Andy Toomajian PV Squared July 7, 2014

I desperately needed to redesign and update my website, but due to the day-to-day demands of running a small business I kept putting it off. I finally realized I couldn't do it all myself, and so I called in Green Bee Web to help me out. It was the best decision I ever made! I'm so proud of my website again, and I feel it really reflects the goals I have set for my own business growth. And the best part of all was how painless the process was. Rachel had my new site up and running in no time, was quick to respond to my questions and requests, and even came up with a genius solution for moving all of my old content to the new site design. The best part of working with Green Bee is that what used to take me hours in WordPress, they can do in minutes. Its like I have my life back! And a great new website to boot.

Cara Brostrom Photographer, CaraBrostrom.com July 7, 2014

Rachel Murray is such a fantastic web builder and designer to work with: patient, skillful, reliable, and willing to listen. I hired Rachel to design my website and she surpassed my expectations. The site is beautiful, tailored to what I needed for showcasing my business, and it works perfectly. Throughout the month-long process, Rachel listened to changes I wanted, offering helpful advice that has broadened my understanding of website building and user experience. I learned a ton about websites, google analytics, and other tech features that are required to be a successful business today. This tech realm is usually very uncomfortable for me, but Rachel made it accessible and even enjoyable! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Allison Meierding Owner, This is CatBird July 7, 2014

Rachel designed and created a website to support my research project. The result is clean and professional. I now have an online presence I can be proud of, and have no doubt the website will be integral to the success of my project. Rachel is clearly passionate about building websites, and is a real pro.  At the same time, I really appreciated her patience and  friendliness with dealing with a technologically illiterate person like myself. She really took the time to understand my project, to create something to suit my needs. She made the whole process enjoyable and fun, and far less intimidating than I had feared. I am delighted I came across Rachel to make my website happen.

Carina Milstone Frugal Value July 7, 2014