We are specialists, focused on building beautiful, powerful, engaging websites using the amazingly powerful and flexible open source content management system, WordPress.  Green Bee Web Consulting formed in 2010, bringing back together two talented women with complementary skills who worked so well years earlier, that it only made sense to start working together again. Between us, we have over 30 years experience working with NGOs, non-profits, small businesses, dot-coms and more, helping translate great ideas into engaging, useful sites.

Clare Parkinson

cparkinson-greenbeeClare has been building websites with database-driven content management since 1997. She is a third-generation geek, and enjoys helping information sort itself out and find its place on the web. She specializes in perl and PHP templates, XML feeds and imports, and in planning information architecture for built-in flexibility and extensibility. Prior to doing this, she was a content management consultant and developer for WHO, where she implemented and refined a large-scale open source content management system, integrated third-party data, and migrated content, all while writing sensible and thorough documentation.